CNN’s Angela Rye is always good for a radical soundbite.

She has a long track record of hateful comments on CNN (see video below) but they keep her on to play to the low information voters.

It’s laughable that during the interview below that she claims that the Republican Patrick Griffin used the word “hijacked” because they were discussing two Muslim women.

She moves on to say that the greatest terror threat is Republican men. This is the new mantra from the left. They want to paint Republicans as violent racists.

CNN’s Angela Rye tells Republican Patrick Griffin: “The greatest terrorist group in this country are white men. White men who think like you. That is the greatest terrorist threat in this country”

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CNN is now claiming that Republicans are “the greatest terrorist threat”

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Angela Rye refused to call President Trump her president:

Low blow! Political hack Angela Rye refused to say that President Trump is the president of the United States during a CNN interview this morning. This bitter woman is truly childish. This is the same former exec director of the CBC who said Trump gained success off the backs of ‘poor people’ (SEE VIDEO BELOW).

Arguing with former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), Rye said, “There are a lot of things that your president has done to defy logic.”

“Your president, too, Angela. Your president too,” Kingston responded with a smile.

“He’s YOUR president,” Rye shot back.

“The president of the United States,” CNN host John Berman said as he concluded the segment, seemingly agreeing with Kingston.

The tone from liberals on Trump’s legitimacy differs greatly from the president’s own attitude toward former President Obama. Speaking at CPAC in 2011, Trump told the anti-Obama crowd that “He is our president.”

THIS IS THE SAME WOMAN WHO SAID REPARATIONS AREN’T UNAMERICAN: Angela Rye, former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus, is one angry woman! She spews racist talking points like crazy without much rebuke from Carl Higbie. Rye makes a claim that Trump achieved his success off of the backs of “poor people”:

“The very people who you’re talking about who you think are looking for free gifts and handouts are people who have been disenfranchised since they got off the slave ship in this country.” – Angela Rye


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