It’s amazing that April Ryan still has a job with CNN after the numerous false claims and rude behavior directed towards the  Trump administration. The latest lie came yesterday during a patriotic White House ceremony that replaced the celebration planned for the no-show Philadelphia Eagles.

April tweeted out a “confirmed” report that people booed Trump: Not true!

April then walked back the comment with this tweet:

Breaking: reporters are rewatching the event and found a heckler in the crowd started asking questions of and the heckler was booed. The heckler was escorted out of the event. The booes were for the heckler

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Ryan deleted the tweet but blamed “reporters on the South Lawn” for the mistake:
The original breaking boo tweet was deleted as reporters on the South Lawn who told of the booign and heckling did not see all of what happened on the other side of the lawn. After the tape was watched the heckler was booed not @realDonaldTrump

Ryan blamed the reporters on the South Lawn…

Ryan was slammed on twitter by a CNN producer who knew the truth and called her out:

It’s clear that Ryan detests the Trump administration and is doing everything she can to report negatively. It’s one thing to take a negative spin on things but another to make false claims.

Ryan calls attention to herself during White House press briefings where she talks over Sarah Sanders. Sanders even called her out for “rudely” interrupting during yesterdays briefing at the White House:

CNN’s April Ryan was badgering Sarah Sanders mercilessly because she was unsatisfied with an answer. She ignored the press secretary’s move to take a question from another reporter and repeatedly attempted to press her on the topic of police brutality.

That’s when Sarah went in for the kill shot…

RUDE! Why does this woman still have a job?


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