CNN’s April Ryan is the one you always hear from during White House press briefings. She’s always got some snarky thing to say to Sarah Sanders. Well, she’s gone really low this time! She’s being criticized for alerting her 336,000 Twitter followers to a story in The Root that asks if the Trump administration is involved in child sex-trafficking.
In case you haven’t heard of The Root…it’s often inflammatory and divisive when it comes to the black community and whites. It’s often loaded with pot stirring articles that skim the boundary of fake news and truth. It’s obvious they used a really slimy tactic to ask a question similar to an old political trick where you ask when the candidate stopped beating his wife. The left has gone low and stayed there since the 2016 election. This is yet another example of their disgusting tactics. Shame!

Among those condemning Ryan for the tweet is first lady Melania Trump’s spokeswoman.
“If you’re a journalist w many followers & a @CNNPolitics contributor…is it ok to retweet any headline you want, regardless of if it’s true?” Stephanie Grisham asked on Twitter. “Remember: ‘The core purpose of a journalist is to research, document, write, & present the news in an honest, ethical, & unbiased way.’”

Grisham may have been most disturbed by the headline of The Root article: “Is the Trump administration running a child-trafficking ring or nah? Follow me down the rabbit hole.”

Ryan responded later Sunday in a tweet: “So apparently fox just wants to slam me for clicks. and never read the article I retweeted either. Lol! So sad! Hello it said the conspiracies were unfounded. You just need me to hate. Thank you!!”

“This is a horrid excuse for journalism,” Carmine Sabia tweeted. “To quasi accuse the president of the United States of running a child trafficking ring is low even for her.”

“Case solved,” Michael Sheridan tweeted. He pointed out that The Root is owned by Univision, whose president and CEO criticized Trump during the presidential campaign.


What exactly does White House reporter April Ryan mean when she says First Lady Melania Trump is “not culturally American”?

Wouldn’t it be great if the CNN host Erin Burnett had some journalistic credibility and took Ryan to task for the comment? Instead, Burnett just ignored the nasty comment from ‘bitter’ Ryan. One more thing, Ryan says Melania is “learning the ways” of America but then goes on to say this is an international issue…contradict much? We think she should stick her foot right into her mouth. Next time she might want to think before speaking and bashing Fist Lady Melania Trump and President Trump. Senator Liz Warren is so correct when she says lefty women are “nasty women”.

While the left claims to be so tolerant of many cultures and to immigrants, in reality, they can be the most intolerant and judgmental. Who made April Ryan the ‘culturally American’ police? Who is she to decide this about our wonderful first lady?

Ryan made the comment during a conversation about the first lady’s unveiling of the “Be Best” campaign against bullying and addiction.

WFB reports:

CNN host Erin Burnett said that the first lady faces a “painful reality” by taking on cyber-bullying, referencing President Donald Trump’s tweets castigating his opponents. Ryan agreed that it was hard for the first lady.

“She’s well aware of his cyber-bullying,” Ryan said. “He’s considered by some, well many I would say in different sectors, one of the biggest bullies. He will call you out in a moment’s notice and she stood in front of him and basically said she wants to show young people how it’s done and do it right and they will pick up those habits.”

She went on to say that the first lady is facing many challenges partly because she is “not culturally American,” even though she is a U.S. citizen.


“This is a first lady who is not culturally American, but she is learning the ways,” Ryan said. “This is not just an American issue. These are not just American issues. These are international issues. Cyber-bullying is an international issue. Social media is international and also the opioid addiction issue, so it’s not just here.”

Melania Trump was born in Slovenia but has been an American citizen for over a decade. She has been in the United States since 1996 and became an American citizen in 2006.

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