Conservative Treehouse reports – CNN Medical Analyst Leanna Wen was born in Shanghai, China. She is a fellow at the CCP propaganda outlet The Brookings Institute where many of the U.S-Chinese propagandists are spawned.

Keep in mind this a point of advocacy from CNN the corporate media outlet. Ms. Wen does not hold any position in the U.S. government; her opinions and demands are specifically those positions of the media outlet that pays her to promote them.

During a segment on the failing fake news cable network, Ms. Wen, the medical analyst for CNN boldly proclaimed to the panel, that life “Needs to be hard” for unvaccinated Americans. The deceitful CNN contributor made an emotional plea for the need for Americans to be vaccinated, using the spread of the Delta variant as an excuse, saying “it’s much more contagious,” but ignoring the fact that the variant is less deadly. According to Senator (Dr.) Rand Paul, who recently spoke with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, the Delta variant is “ten times less deadly” than the COVID19 virus that infected Americans last year.


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