CNN is showing their true colors and excusing the violence that happened last weekend in Charlottesville and D.C. Did Chris Cuomo not see the mounds of evidence that the groups who came to protest the few loser white supremacists were violent, disgusting and downright stupid. He’s trying to paint conservatives and Trump supporters with a broad brush…very dangerous. Does he not see that the true fascists are the leftist groups who attended the protests? His claim that the right is supporting bigots is a false narrative meant to justify the violence of Antifa.

“People who show up to fight against bigots are not to be judged the same.” – Chris Cuomo

CNN’s Chris Cuomo shocked last night when he excused the violence from the left and disagreed with equality before the law…

“Be aware, there are many more of us who see you as unequal, as less than, and you will be opposed at every turn because what you are about is wrong. And fighting you is right.”

Trending: MSNBC’s Joy Reid: “There is absolutely zero, none, zero evidence that Black Lives Matter has ever pushed for anything violent, pushed for anything violent to happen to police...”

The left is making the case that anyone they disagree with is smashed, destroyed…even taken out. This is fascism!

Cuomo is condoning the violence that happened last weekend towards police officers, the media and people they don’t agree with. Tucker Carlson was the voice of reason last night:


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Brian Stelter of CNN tweeted out about the crowd at the Charlottesville protest: “ANTI-HATE GROUPS DRAMATICALLY OUTNUMBER WHITE SUPREMACISTS IN DC”

This is why CNN is called fake news…All we saw was hate from the “anti-hate” groups! These groups were screaming at and attacking police officers who had to endure hatred for them without responding.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with these extremist groups is attacked. Isn’t that fascism and isn’t that hate?

See the video below and you’ll see disgusting hatred towards police officers. A “anti-hate” white guy is calling black cops the KKK?

No hate for police officers here?

The hate from the left today was palpable. All of the groups who’ve been the instigators of violence and unrest had a chance to protest peacefully but didn’t. They are the haters…They are the fascists…They are the dividers!

There was video after video of the different groups attacking police and reporters. It was the left showing themselves for who they really are. Anti-American goons!

A couple wearing Trump t-shirts had to be escorted out of the violent mob.

No hate here?

These groups are exactly who they say they’re marching against…The “anti-fascists” are fascists!

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