Like Barack and Michelle Obama, CNN has mastered the art of pitting Americans against each other over race.

On April 7th, several weeks before the George Floyd riots, CNN ran a story expressing their concern about how homemade face masks could exacerbate racial profiling and place blacks and Latinos in danger. 

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During the BLM protests two weeks ago, CNN interviewed a black protester who took off his mask for the entire interview. The man standing next to the CNN reporter is not wearing a mask either. Another black man who is not wearing a mask can be seen in the background talking to a reporter behind the CNN interviewer.

CNN recently published an article about LA County asking that protesters self-quarantine for two weeks. In their article, they don’t admonish protesters for not wearing masks or suggest that by protesting in massive groups, they’re putting anyone else in danger, they simply suggest self-quarantining might be a good idea.

Attend a protest recently? You should be self-quarantining, says Los Angeles County.

Though many protesters were photographed wearing masks, the nature of these gatherings means many were in close proximity to others, an ideal situation for the spread of the coronavirus.

This morning, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Trump’s Director of the US Economic Council, Larry Kudlow. Tapper, like his comrades at the low-rated, fake news cable network, didn’t even try to hide his frustration with the decision to re-start campaign rallies for President Trump, as he attempted to make wearing masks an issue.

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper about the recent news that there’s been a slight uptick in Wuhan coronavirus cases in America, Larry Kudlow chalked the reports up to significantly increased testing, saying that “We are now testing at about 100 times the rate we were back in March when the pandemic first exploded.” Tapper quickly cut him off, saying, “But one of the issues is increased hospitalizations and that’s not from increased testing,” quickly adding, “But I’m glad to see you calling for people to wear masks, and I assume that also means at the Trump rally in Tulsa—people should be wearing masks at the Trump rally in Tulsa this Saturday.” Kudlow refused to fall into Tapper’s trap, suggesting that Trump rally attendees should be forced to wear masks.
Kudlow also debunked Tapper’s deceptive claim that the number of hospitalizations that have increased across the country, by explaining that the reason for the increase is because patients are now being allowed to have elective surgeries again. Finally, Kudlow explained that fatality rates related to COVID-19 are not increasing and that “We’re not talking about a second round” of COVID19.
 Watch the exchange here:

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