The media machine is not covering for Joe Biden anymore.

Look no further than CNN for proof.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Biden for making false statements about his son Hunter.

Tapper played a clip of Biden denying President Donald Trump’s allegation that Hunter Biden made a fortune from China.

As Tapper bluntly put it: “Trump was right. He (Hunter Biden) did make a fortune from China and Joe Biden was wrong.”


I’d give CNN credit, except that the woman next to Tapper immediately reacted by saying that the number one problem with this fact is that “Republicans aren’t going to let it go.”

Really? That’s your first concern, huh?

I think it’s more of a problem that Joe Biden is a serial liar.

That’s just me though…

What do you all think?:

Fox News reported on CNN’s coverage of Biden’s lies:

CNN host and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper admitted that former President Donald Trump “was right” when he accused then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden of accepting large amounts of foreign money during the 2020 presidential debates.

On CNN’s “The Lead” Thursday, Tapper also declared that Biden “was wrong” during the match-ups between the two candidates three years ago, when the then-Democratic nominee denied Trump’s allegations that his son made “a fortune in Ukraine, in China, in Moscow and various other places.”

At the time Biden flatly rejected the claim, saying, “None of that is true.” Tapper gave Biden the benefit of the doubt in his commentary, stating he didn’t know whether the then-candidate was “lying” at the time.

Tapper played a compilation of the two debate exchanges and compared them with a recent report from Washington Post chief-fact checker Glenn Kessler showing Biden to be wrong.

Not the Bee has more on Tapper’s stunning admission:

This is mind blowing. To utter the words “Trump was right” was almost certainly a fireable offense at CNN mere months ago.

“I mean, Trump was right. I mean, [Hunter Biden] did make a fortune from China. And Joe Biden was wrong…”

I guess there’s a first time for everything!

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