CNN’s Jim Acosta went bonkers over President Trump hosting a press conference at his New Jersey country club.

Acosta went on a Twitter binge whining about how he felt Trump turned the presser into a rally, but he got smoked with one reply that hits home.

ACOSTA: “Trump turned his Bedminster news conference into a rally, bashing the press and drawing applause from his golf club members. Those members were booing the press towards the end of the news conference.”

Cari Kelemen gets the win for the best response to Acosta:

“Obama turned the John Lewis memorial into a rally, bashing the current administration and drawing applause from mourners.”

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Acosta went on to tattle on something President Trump supposedly said on a “hot mic” to some of the people gathered to watch the press conference. Acosta was smoked once again with replies that supported the fact that the president says the same things to right to Acosta’s face.


Before news conf Trump was caught on a hot mic telling people at club…”You’ll get to meet the fake news tonight. You’ll get to see what I have to go through. Who’s there? Oh all my killers are there, wow. So you’ll get to see some of the people that we deal with every day”

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