#VeryFakeNewsCNN’s grandstanding White House reporter Jim Acosta, has a tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter account. The tweet, that’s designed to spark interest in is his book, “The Enemy Of The People,” (that very few people have purchased) reads:

We are not the enemy of the people. I am not your enemy. You are not my enemy. It is wrong to call your fellow Americans the enemy. We are all on the same team. We are all Americans.

Almost everything Acosta tweets beneath his claim that he’s not “the enemy of the people,” proves why President Trump is correct when he refers to the leftist media as “the enemy of the people.”

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Yesterday, President Trump showed the world how much Americans love our exceptional country. He celebrated Independence Day with everyday Americans. He did it without injecting politics into his powerful, patriotic speech, he did it without ever mentioning himself, and most importantly, he did it because he genuinely loves America to the very core of his being. The left knows that his love for America is genuine, and that it’s the primary reason he connects with so many Americans.

Pastor Mark Burns posted a photo of himself walking through the rain to get to the festivities on the Mall in D.C. yesterday.

Paris Dennard posted a video of the long lines of Americans waiting to get into the Independence Day celebration with President Trump:

Instead of showing photos of the incredible crowd that turned out for President Trump’s Independence Day Celebration in DC, CNN’s Jim Acosta showed close up images of fences keeping people from entering secured areas.

Acosta also showed an image of the UK’s Trump Baby Balloon that was parked outside of the Mall area. Earlier this week, Code Pink, the anti-military, anti-Trump group of radical feminists who sponsored the balloon protest were told by the Pentagon they could not use helium in the balloon. It looks like about a dozen and a half supporters showed up to the protest.

#VeryFakeNewsCNN White House reporter Jim Acosta, falsely claimed that the balloon was “about to take flight.”

#VeryFakeNewsCNN’s Jim Acosta also retweeted a fake comment by Shimon Prokupescz, a crime and justice reporter for CNN, who claimed “a source close to the WH claimed they were worried there would not be enough people down on the mall tonight. “Concern ran deep,” the source said.

We responded to Acosta’s retweet by asking if he’s seen any of Trump’s rallies?  Of course, we know that Acosta never misses a rally, always hoping he’ll be there for the elusive “gotcha” moment. We reminded Acosta that President Trump doesn’t have any problem drawing a crowd.

Here’s an actual photo of the crowd gathered together in the rain to hear President Trump speech and watch the amazing celebration of our nation’s independence.


Here’s s short clip from President Trump’s address to the massive crowd.

Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan tweeted that his father would be “standing and saluting.”

Patricia A Valenti-R tweeted about President Trump’s speech, calling it, “absolutely fantastic!” and “Exceptionally well done!” She concluded her tweet by calling Trump the “best ever”

Dan Scavino tweeted an poweful video showing the fireworks over the Lincoln Memorial, accompanied by the military band playing patriotic music.

The photos of the celebration portrayed a celebration that embodied America’s patriotic spirit.

This Twitter user said what many others echoed, that President Trump’s speech gave them “goosebumps.” They followed it up by saying, “After hearing that speech, if one does not have pride in America and respect for our flag and those who fought and died for it, they are dead inside. God Bless You. God Bless America


Alana Mastrangelo summed up the celebration with this tweet:

Trump’s parade was not political. It was not a rally.

It was everyone coming together to celebrate the United States of America, and our President is allowed to celebrate with us.

It’s not controversial. It’s sad the Left tries to make it so.

Here’s an amazing video of a drone flying over the Lincoln Memorial flanked by two fighter jets.

The left longed for the days when Barack Obama was leaving Washington D.C. to quietly celebrate Independence Day with his family in Hawaii.

Carmine Sabia’s tweet tweeted about how Trump’s speech was not about politics or about himself, but instead, about America and the pride each and every American should feel on the 4th of July.

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