During the impeachment hearing yesterday CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer that President Trump “has already won.”

The effort to destroy President Trump began long ago and Democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him.

They’re still losing…

Toobin says that President Trump and the Republicans are winning because they’ve switched the narrative to focus on Hunter Biden. He says that Hunter Biden will be “a real challenge for us a journalists.” How is it a challenge to tell the truth about Hunter Biden? What Toobin doesn’t understand is that Hunter Biden IS THE POINT! Americans want to know what went on in Ukraine.

Transcript of Toobin’s comments to Blitzer:

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“What struck me about this hearing was how Donald Trump in a way has already won. How much did we hear about Hunter Biden? Over and over again about Hunter Biden. That’s what the Republicans are talking about constantly. And, you know, there are questions about Hunter Biden’s behavior. So this incredible shift of emphasis…and you know it’s going to be a real challenge for us as journalists to decide how much to follow along with this.”

“The idea that we are sitting here debating the country, the country, the House Judiciary Committee is debating the impeachment of the president of the United States, and over and over again we get how all these questions about the behavior of Hunter Biden, the president’s perhaps most likely opponent, the son of Joe Biden and I just don’t know what our responsibility is as journalists because it’s not the point, but this is the news. And this is what’s there.”

Watch below as CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin tells CNN’s Blitzer that Trump has already won:


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