CNN’s Symone Sanders is known to be a racist but this is over the top! She recently called President Trump a “white nationalist” on-air:

“I believe Donald Trump is a white nationalist. I believe he has allied himself with white supremacist ideology for the very reason, given the policies he has advocated for. He said, just in the remarks in Oval Office, that invaders are coming, these criminals. He is other people, and that type of language is dangerous.”

The ironic thing about the remarks from Sanders below is that they were discussing what Democrats did wrong in 2016 and what they need to do now for their party when she called for excluding whites in her party leadership.

There was zero pushback from the anchor who just let Sanders yammer on about how just millennials and “brown folks” are her focus.

“We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now”…”I’m here for the millennials and the brown folks”

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The interesting thing is the chyron/subtitle at the bottom of the screen says, “DEMOCRATS UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHY THEY LOST”. LOL!

One example is what Sanders just said: Alienating white people from the party is just a way to give the 2020 election to President Trump.

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