If you happen to be a conservative and take a bold stand for your principles, you’ve likely at some point been called the insult of choice by the left: racist.

Anytime you say something that disagrees with liberalism, you immediately get slapped with the racist label, mostly due to the fact that progressives seems to be under the mistaken idea that being conservative is the same as being fascist.

News flash: it isn’t.

It’s much easier to just call someone a name than it is to look at actual data and put together a cogent argument in support of your view.

Democrats attending the University of Toledo have decided that they’re tired of slinging this insult around with just words and have moved to more creative expressions. Like hanging a banner with President Trump in a KKK hood.

Campus Reform is reporting:

The University of Toledo College Democrats recently hung a banner depicting President Trump wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood in an effort to recruit new students to their organization.

The group sparked outrage earlier this week by displaying a large recruitment banner in the Thompson Student Union that depicted the commander-in-chief in a KKK outfit, prompting school President Sharon Gaber to issue a statement condemning the provocative display.

“I want to address a banner that was put up yesterday in the Thompson Student Union that I personally find offensive,” Gaber said in an email to students on Wednesday. “I’ve heard from several other members of our community as well, across the political spectrum, who feel the same way.”

“I have been asked why we didn’t remove the banner and why we let it go up in the first place,” Gaber continued. “The reason is that the University of Toledo respects the First Amendment rights of our students, faculty, and staff. While we may not always agree with the way individuals or organizations choose to express their views, we must respect their freedom to do so.”


According to The Toledo Blade, the banner was removed Wednesday afternoon, though a university spokesperson claimed that school did not take it down.

Young people these days seem so desperate for direction and purpose in their lives that they’ll latch on to whatever cause is popular or has the potential to be popular so they can win points for looking “woke” and involved.

Therefore, with little to no background information about the issue at hand, many dive right in and start Twitter protesting or doing something off the wall like these kids at the University of Toledo, completely embarrassing themselves in the process.

Long gone are the days of paying tuition for a child’s education. You’re now paying for indoctrination instead.

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