When Columbia University’s internal investigation of its chaplain for religious discrimination came up empty, an ex-employee went to the government. A former employee of Columbia’s Office of the University Chaplain has alleged that they faced discrimination for their Muslim faith in a complaint filed with the New York City Commission on Human Rights last month.

Now the Ivy League institution is facing fines up to $250,000 and “could be ordered to reform its internal policies on religious accommodations,” the Columbia Daily Spectator reports.

According to Campus Reform, the Muslims on campus recently demanded a prayer space and a Muslim advisor.

The complaint charges that University Chaplain Jewelnel Davis denied the employee’s requests to work earlier shifts during Ramadan—instead increasing their workload during that time—and reprimanded them for taking daily breaks to pray, all while *allowing similar accommodations for non-Muslim employees. *Who else insists on praying 5 times a day during the workday?

When confronted about this behavior, Davis allegedly responded that she was unused to accommodating such prayer breaks.

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Columbia’s employee policy states that it will accommodate any religious practices that doesn’t place “undue hardship” on the University.

Does praying 5 times a day during the workday qualify as “undue hardship”?

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We’ve reported on Somali Muslims who tried to do the same thing in Minnesota and Colorado and failed. Work productivity is harmed greatly by taking so many breaks. The Muslims were fired from this company!

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We’re hoping the policy isn’t changed at Columbia to accommodate these Muslims. This is a slippery slope!

Read more:  Columbia Spectator

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