THIS IS EXPECTED FROM THIS LEFTY COLLEGE…Will it trickle out to other colleges?

‘Participants were able to move in before most other students.’ Privilege much? Victimhood translates to doing exactly what the “so called” victims fought against….Go figure

The University of California, Berkeley invited certain “special populations” of new students to move in a day early to attend racially-exclusive orientation sessions.

According to a guide to the new “Golden Bear Orientation” program, the school offered a special programming on Monday for a variety of populations, including Hispanic students, black students, Native American students, and Asian American/Pacific Islander students.

“We want all our students to make it to orientation and to have an accessible and equitable experience.” Tweet This

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“Most other students,” meanwhile, spent the day moving into their residence halls and preparing for the main freshman orientation program, which runs from August 15-22.

The “Black Student Orientation” aimed to address “the specific transitional and community needs of African American/Black students” at the university with “community building activities, academic and campus life workshops, and a resource fair.”

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As part of the “Black Student Orientation,” students participated in a “Black World Tour” in which they were taken around the surrounding area for a showcase of “black owned businesses.”

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Similarly, a “Familia Orientation” was offered for “Chicanx and Latinx” students on August 13, while an “Asian American Pacific Islander Student Orientation” was reserved for responding to the “specific transitional and community needs of Asian American, Pilipinx , and Pacific Islander students.”

A final “special population” orientation was provided for “native students” enrolled at the elite institution, who were encouraged to show up early to “map locations of your classes, get to know campus, meet continuing Cal Native students and other new Native students, and have a little fun before classes start.”

In fact, the Native American Student Development Office touts on its website that “another bonus” of attending the exclusive orientation was being “eligible for early move-in,” a benefit that the African American Student Development Center similarly advertises on its website, noting that participants were able to move in before “most other students.”

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