The shaming of the rich should not surprise anyone coming from a whacked out college that actually offers a major in the non-belief of God. The Left’s attempt to redefine the core values and beliefs that make America the greatest country in the world offends us.

California College Denies Student Yacht Club, Says Yacht Clubs Are Offensive

Are yacht clubs — in and of themselves — offensive? According to Pitzer College in Claremont, California, the answer is yes.

Last week, the student Senate at Pitzer voted to deny instating a yacht club at the school “as the majority of Senators found the name ‘yacht club’ to have a particularly offensive association with yacht clubs and a recreation known for being exclusive,” according to Taylor Novick-Finder, a Pitzer College Senator.

This morning on “Fox and Friends,” Anna Kooiman welcomed Claremont Independent publisher Steven Glick to the program to discuss.

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“I think the P.C. police have been going further and further every day with what they’re deeming offensive,” said Glick, who is also a student at nearby Pamona College. “It’s becoming increasingly trivial, concerning what should be censored or banned.”

“It’s unfortunately not a surprise to see,” he added.

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