So much for trying to come together like the left always says they think we should do…It was a brave gesture but not a smart one for Caleb Slater to try and attend a Black Lives Matter vigil for the young woman who was killed at the riot on Saturday in Charlottesville….

The president of a College Republicans chapter said he was attacked and choked by hard-left activists as he attended a vigil for the woman killed Saturday at the Charlottesville Unite the Right demonstration.

Ithaca College student Caleb Slater wrote in a statement that masked members of Antifa assaulted him at a Syracuse event held on Sunday in memory of Heather Heyer, who died when a driver plowed into counter-protesters in Virginia.

Slater wrote that he wore a Young America’s Foundation (YAF) hat to the vigil “as a symbol of peace,” and he hoped showing up to the left-wing Black Lives Matter program as an identifiable conservative would demonstrate that “conservatives condemn the actions of the alt-right just as much as anyone else in our culture.”

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Slater’s symbol of peace was clearly a symbol to beat him up instead.

The tactics by Antifa are like Germany in 1933…You follow what they believe or else.

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