Campus Reform decided to see if college students would give ANY credit to President Trump for the successful mission to kill the leader of ISIS. The information war battles on…

Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret went to Georgetown University to ask students about the Trump administration’s raid against ISIS leader al-Baghdadi.

Some students did not believe Trump deserved credit and said they preferred how Obama handled the bin Laden raid.

So President Trump gets no points from these snowflakes for a mission accomplished.

Young conservative Eduardo Neret commented on the inability for students to give Trump any credit for the successful raid due to the information war going on at campuses and in the news media every day:

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“When students are receiving that information day in and day out it’s almost no surprise that they would think these insane things about terrorist leaders or these insane things about their own president and so it really puts it into perspective for us and for the viewers as to how these professors are teaching their students on college campuses.

He’s spot on…their hatred for Trump overcomes everything.

“I mean, I guess it happened despite him … He didn’t f*ck it up too bad.”

“I don’t think he really knew what was going on and I don’t think he really ordered anything.”

The war for information and truth continues…



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