While appearing at a college campus, Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, was confronted by a female at one of their information tables.

The student was admonishing Kirk for not agreeing with her that he should be held accountable for failing to refer to someone by their chosen identity.

Kirk, who frequently challenges liberal students on college campuses across America, over their liberal views, caught this female college student by surprise when he exposed her for parroting views she’s heard from others with no substance to back up her radical views.

Kirk started by asking the female student how many genders there are? She responded by asking him, “Why should there be a number?”

Kirk responded by explaining, “Because if you don’t have sociological numbers, then you delve into chaos.”

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The college student used Facebook as an example of using multiple genders to identify users.

Kirk explained that in California if you misgender someone, you can go to prison. When he asked her if that was okay with her, she incredibly responded, “yes.”  When Kirk explained to her that by suppressing another person’s speech, she was advocating fascism, she appears to be stunned by the reality of her words.


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