One of the worst tragedies on college campuses today is the hate our kids are being taught for their fellow man. On a human level, we as a nation have failed our children because we have allowed liberals at all levels of academia to poison our children’s minds with hate and intolerance. We’ve sat back while their teachers have bullied them into submission so they would pass their courses, telling them to just keep their heads down. Meanwhile, these leftist, bully educators and administrators have taught our children to be intolerant of others who don’t agree with them, while making them believe they are superior to those with opposing political and social views, while calling them “intolerant”.
The experiment performed in the video below by Campus Reform is a perfect example of the blind allegiance our children have to a radical, leftist ideology promoted by arrogant and intolerant educators. The student’s hate is not based on knowledge of the facts or of history, it is strictly a hate based on an ideology that permeates academia on almost every campus in America like a cancer. Students are given a sense of acceptance by their peers and by their teachers when they go along, and shamed when they don’t. It really shouldn’t come as any surprise then when kids are asked questions about our current President that the only way they know how to respond is with hate.

Campus Reform – Saturday will mark Donald Trump’s 100th day in office, an important milestone for U.S. presidents ever since the flurry of panicked failings with which Franklin Roosevelt began his administration.

While supporters of President Trump point to his slew of executive orders and the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch as markers of his success, detractors claim Mr. Trump has accomplished very little since taking office.

Throughout the year, Campus Reform has shown how liberal professors and students across America have been quick to oppose the President’s actions—often without understanding important details about them.

Hoping to tease out whether such reflexive opposition to Trump is based on policy disagreements or simply distaste for Trump himself, Campus Reform headed to George Mason University to ask students their opinions about the first 100 days.

Watch George Mason student’s reactions to questions that are actually about things Barack Obama did while in office, as the interviewer poses them as things President Trump accomplished: 

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