College students at California State University have lost that loving feeling for mascot Prospector Pete as they are ready to hand him a pink slip and send him out into the cruel, cruel world.

The reason why?

According to these future politicians, business leaders, and parental caregivers, it’s because he represents a “time of genocide against indigenous people during the Gold Rush.”

Apparently everything is racist.

TheBlaze has more details:

The university’s student group voted in favor of retiring the mascot and moving his statue, the station said, adding that Cal State Long Beach has formed a committee to figure out how to proceed.

“We want to do something that gives a more comprehensive look at us as a campus and the land we’re on,” school spokesman Jeff Bliss told KCBS, which added that the campus is on land previously occupied by indigenous people.

Among the options under consideration, the station said:

— Remove the statue.
— Relocate the statue.
— Add information displays around the mascot, including additional plaques describing the history of Prospector Pete.

“I think if the people know about the history we can move on and learn from it instead of just acting like it never existed,” Ruby Desimone told the station.

“A lot of people don’t read in the first place,” Johnny Thai added to the station. “You just walk by it.”

“When people want to have a rally or a protest. It’s always there at Prospector Pete,” student Ryan Bierman told KCBS. “And think it should stay.”

It’s interesting to see how many differing opinions exist on this issue and that even many students actually want to keep the mascot as opposed to trashing it.

Maybe this is a beacon of hope indicating that not every single college kid has had their brain dunked in progressivism.

This statute and mascot can mean anything this school wants it to mean. If there is some sort of strange history of racism with prospectors, which wouldn’t be surprising given the time period, redeem Prospector Pete and make him stand for something new.

It seems the liberal default position is to remove things and try to erase history rather than understanding it and coming to terms with it.

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