DENVER – Colorado Governor Jared Polis is facing backlash from his state after declaring March 20 to be ‘MeatOut Day‘, with his opposition declaring the very same day to be ‘Meat In Day’. Polis’ movement presents a danger to the well-being of the large agricultural industry in Colorado and people are coming together to stand in support of meat production.

Environmentalists and other supporters of Polis’ meat-free initiative have defended his actions. Advocates for a plant-based lifestyle have been encouraging people to explore a meatless diet while recognizing the negative health and environmental effects of meat consumption. Roland Halpern, the executive director of Colorado Voters for Animals, told The Denver Channel, “We don’t think one day a week is too much of a sacrifice for anybody”.

What is misunderstood, however, is the real reason people are taking issue with Polis’ announcement. The problem is the attempts to encourage people to believe that meat contributes negatively to one’s health. This false narrative will have adverse effects on local farmers whose livelihood is based on meat production and distribution and will additionally be detrimental to Colorado’s economic efficiency since agriculture is a major contributor to income.

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While red meat has been shown to raise cholesterol and is linked to heart disease, there are still many dietary benefits to eating meat. However, those with a meatless agenda capitalize on the potentially adverse health effects and portray these risks as commonplace and applicable to all people.

26 counties in Colorado have already declared ‘Meat In Day’ to take place on March 20 as well in order to counteract Polis’ meat-free agenda.

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This debate has extended beyond state lines as Nebraska’s Governor Pete Ricketts declared ‘Meat on the Menu Day’ in support of his own state’s agricultural industry. In a tweet, Ricketts defends the nutritional qualities of meat and condemns those acting to force meat out of everyone’s diets.


Local ranchers are getting massive demonstrations of support from their communities who are backing their industry. In support of meat consumption, Colorado residents have put together a list of places to get meat on the 20th organized by region and city.



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