Colorado students were just trying to have a peaceful vigil after two teens shot up their school injuring several students and killing Kendrick Castillo. When an anti-gun activist and two anti-gun Democrats started spewing anti-gun propaganda, the students got up and walked out en masse:

The Highlands Ranch students walked out of the vigil because they didn’t want the vigil to be politicized.

One student tweeted: I was there. It was a TOTAL ANTI-GUN political rally run by adults. And a free political speech for Jason Crow and Michael Bennett. STEM students walked out in protest & then they came back in and took the microphone from the activists. They were righteous and they were awesome!

What they shouted was perfect. They shouted “mental health” when they were outside. They’re so right:

DAILY MAIL reports that a student has been identified as the ‘second gunman who killed one classmate and wounded eight’, as friends refer to him as a ‘tortured soul’ who ‘didn’t get the support he needed’

Students at a vigil for the STEM School shooting in Highlands Ranch reportedly walked out of the event after Democrat politicians Jason Crow and Michael Bennet made remarks and students said the tragedy was being politicized. Outside, students chanted: “Mental health!”

The students went outside because they knew the activist was lying and they refused to listen to her propaganda:

These students wanted to talk about their classmates so they went back and took over the gym to make the vigil what they wanted it to be! They shouted, “To the gym!”

And then they went back inside and reclaimed the gym. Students ran the mic, and they took turns. Some lamented how the event was a political stunt, some said they just wanted to remember Kendrick Castillo. This was supposed to be for them.

This is the woman who spoke and blamed the NRA for the shooting.

Moms Demand Action’s Laura Reeves:


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