First the mafia announced that they’re all done playing games with these freeloaders, and now the government is putting them on notice. They’re will be no more fun and games for these Muslim migrants…

The Italian interior minister has suggested that asylum seekers should work for free as the country creaks under the burden of thousands of immigrants arriving via the Mediterranean sea each week.

Angelino Alfano made the announcement yesterday in a meeting with regional mayors as it was reported that another 9,000 migrants flocked to Italy this week alone.

Italian officials have repeatedly called for assistance in rescuing and resettling migrants crossing from North Africa into Europe. More than 30,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean into Italy so far this year and tensions and tensions are only increasing, with anti-migrant rhetoric from politicians and locals threatening to turn into violence.

In the meeting, Alfano said: “We must ask the municipalities to apply our directive and make migrants work for free… Rather than leave them with nothing to do, they should make them work.”

The statement echoed a previous announcement by the Italian interior ministry’s immigration chief, Mario Morcone, who said that migrants should be employed on environmental projects “for the common good”, where they would only qualify for health insurance and would not be paid a salary.

Asylum seekers cannot legally work in Italy until six months after they have applied for a work permit, meaning that many of them are unemployed. The recent deluge has also created regional tensions, with Val d’Aoste in northwestern Italy saying on Wednesday that they will refuse to accept any additional migrants.

In response to the deaths of thousands of migrants being smuggled across the Mediterranean, the European Union last month promised to triple its funding to maritime operations in the region. Via: Europe Newsweek


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