In the video below from Friday night, Comedian Bill Maher goes into a full-blown rant about how we should blame China for the coronavirus. He’s sick of the “virus shaming” from the left even though he’s a liberal.

The only problem with Maher’s rant is that he’s blaming the “wet markets” and “eating bats” for the spread of the coronavirus. This theory of how the virus spread has not been proven, and there are other theories out there that point to a different source that caused the coronavirus to spread.

Bill Maher on Chinese coronavirus: “So when someone says, ‘what if people hear Chinese virus and blame China?’ The answer is we should blame China. We can’t afford the luxury anymore of non-judginess towards a country w/habits that kill millions of people”

NOTE: The Spanish flu didn’t come from Spain, but Maher is right about how viruses are mostly named after the place they are associated with.

China is a dictatorship. that, for decades, enforced a one child per family policy under penalty of forced sterilization. But they can’t close down the farmer’s market from hell?

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Leftist rag The Daily Beast had a hissy fit calling the rant ” despicably racist”: Bill Maher Goes on Despicably Racist Rant Against China Over Coronavirus

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