Prior to the general election a TMZ interviewer asked “comedian” George Lopez if Trump had any chance of winning the election (2:20 mark). Lopez replied, “Yeah, sure. There’s enough racists in this country to get him elected…It’s unfortunate.” Lopez then stated that if Trump wins, “He won’t have to worry about immigration, we’ll all go back.” Lopez of course, chose to remain in the United States of America. In fact, he was just caught on tape making RACIST comments about black people during one of his comedy stints (see below).

When a woman in the audience objected, Lopez went off on an unbelievable, vile rant against her…

***WARNING***Strong language***

“There are only two rules in the Latino family. Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house,” Lopez said during his set, which prompted a woman in the audience to put up her middle finger.

In a clip of the incident obtained by TMZ, Lopez is seen responding to the woman’s gesture by calling her a “bitch” and telling her, “Sit your f**king ass down or get the f**k out.”

“Sit your f**king ass down,” Lopez repeated three times. “I’m talking, bitch. You paid to see a show. Sit your ass down. You can’t take a joke, you’re in the wrong motherf**king place. Sit your f**king ass down or get the f**k out of here.”

“You have two choices,” he continued. “Shut the f**k up or get the f**k out. I’ll tell you what. I’ll make the choice for you. Get the f**k out of here. I’ll make the choice for you. Bye. Bye. Bye.”


Via: Huffington Post


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