“The suppression of data is not the way you improve a vaccine.”

Comedian Jimmy Dore appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and talked about his experience after receiving the Moderna Covid vaccine.

Sitting down with Rogan, Mr. Dore explained that he, along with his wife and his producer, experienced similar side effects after their second round of shots in April of this year; they all suffered stiff necks on the same side as their injection. His producer’s stiff neck eventually went away, as did his wife’s. Dore’s however, got worse spreading to his whole neck, accompanied by other frightening symptoms including body aches, flu-like fever, joint pain, waves of exhaustion, and unbeknownst to him at the time, inflammation in his brain.

The comedian posted his adverse reactions on Twitter in an attempt to connect with others that may have had similar reactions and was met with vitriolic responses, accusing him of being anti-vax.

He tells Rogen, “when people have a reaction to an experimental vaccine that is not FDA approved, you’re supposed to NOT suppress their reactions.”

Dore said in addition to the caustic comments on Twitter, he also heard from LOTS of people who’ve had the same experience. He was even DM’d by a doctor who is leading a study regarding vaccine adverse reactions, who told him he believes his suffering is due to a spike protein issue and suggests he contact his doctor, which he did.

As it turns out, his doctor told him that he is treating 5- others with the same symptoms, one of the 5- is a neurosurgeon, another is a nurse, both of which are scared to talk about their symptoms because they’re afraid they’ll be ostracized and stigmatized. As a result of his horrific adverse reaction to the vaccine, Mr. Dore’s doctor has him taking Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine because he now has inflammation in his brain.

Here’s a more extensive version of the interview:

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