Conservative comedian Tim Allen joined Fox News’ anti-Trump host Megyn Kelly last night. Megyn asked Allen if he thought the talentless Gigi Hadid’s embarrassing mocking of Melania Trump was appropriate or not. Allen qualified his answer by saying, “I’m not a spokesperson for Hollywood, I’m a comedian.” Allen said he finds comments being made about Trump to be, “odd.” He then went on to call out the unfounded hate and hypocrisy directed at Trump by the Hollywood liberal elite. Allen relates gossip about Trump being passed around Hollywood with absolutely no factual evidence, to a popular game kids play called “telephone”. “I feel like we’re playing a game of telephone” says Allen. “Telephone” is a game where a statement is whispered by one kid and then repeated by each person in the room until it reaches the last person. The last person then tells what they heard, which doesn’t usually even resemble the original statement.

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