Trump impersonator Shawn Farash is the best ever at sounding exactly like ‘The Donald’…

His latest video is of him talking to a scam car insurance telemarketer:

Previous videos from Farash:

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The Trump impersonator strikes again! If you close your eyes, he sounds exactly like President Trump. He came out with a Trump GPS (see below), and now he’s ordering food at the Taco Bell Drive-Thru.

Listen below as the Trump impersonator orders two beautiful quesadillas, sour cream, and a “colossal amount of hot sauce.” Notice that the drive-thru order taker is cracking up as he’s taking the order.

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The Trump GPS on TikTok is hilarious:


The talented young impressionist could shave his head, put on a blonde wig and make a fortune as a Trump impersonator. He sounds exactly like 45!

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