After President Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord, the left went crazy with hysterical predictions on what will happen now.The video below is a compilation of all of the “Chicken Littles” screeching about how the sky will now fall:

A White House statement had this to say about the Paris Accord: “The Paris accord is a BAD deal for Americans, and the president’s action today is keeping his campaign promise to put American workers first. The accord was negotiated poorly by the Obama administration and signed out of desperation.”

The media quickly sounded the alarm about the possible consequences of Trump withdrawing from the accord.

CNN showed a graphic that was laughed at by Rand Paul for its ridiculous claims. The graphic listed rising sea levels, deadlier heat waves, droughts and wildfires, and mass extinction…

NBC had a Princeton University professor on to discuss the possible effects of Trump’s decision:

“That means record heat, more drought in some places, torrential rains and floods in other places, sea level rising drowning coastal areas, the world will be a mess,” Oppenheimer said.

Late-night hosts also chimed in with their own dire predictions.

“Donald Trump might have doomed the planet,” “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah said.

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