After Andrew McCabe was fired on Friday night, he immediately released a long statement attacking President Trump. He said that he was “singled out” after “unrelenting” attacks.  The problem with the statement is that a purely apolitical group within the FBI decided on his firing. This had NOTHING to do with Trump.

McCabe’s statement could also be huge trouble for former FBI Director Comey. A line within the statement could be viewed as incriminating. Comey could be in hot water for approving the leaking of sensitive information and for lying to Congress.

McCabe made claims in his statement that he not only had authority to “share” sensitive information to the media but did so with the knowledge of “the director.”

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Remember when Comey testified before Congress and was asked by Grassley if he’d ever been involved or approved of leaking?

Comey said, “no” and “never”

So who’s lying? Comey or McCabe?

The brilliant Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley weighed in on the conflict and deepening trouble for fired former Director of the FBI James Comey: “This could easily spin further out of control. There was one line in the case statement last night that I immediately flagged. Because he said that he had authority to do this and he conferred with the director—the director at the time was James Comey. Now, the problem there is that James Comey said under oath that he never leaked information and never approved a leak. So, if the Inspector General believes this was a leak to the media, it raises serious questions about Comey’s previous testimony and could get him into serious trouble.”


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