Former FBI Director James Comey is no fan of President Trump but it seems he’s also got a bone to pick with another president, one that many of us were happy to wish a not-so-fond farewell to last year.

Yes, that’s right. Comey is throwing down with former President Barack Obama, saying he “jeopardized” the Department of Justice.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

According to Fox News, Comey “rips” Obama in his upcoming book for compromising the impartiality of his administration — and the impartiality of the Department of Justice — by suggesting to media that an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified information was a partisan circus.

“We had the problem that President Obama had twice publicly basically said, ‘There’s no there, there.’ In an interview with—on Fox, an interview on ’60 Minutes,’ I think. Both times he said that. So that’s his Justice Department,” Comey reportedly said during the dropped segment.

“He’s a very smart man and a lawyer. And so it surprised me. He shouldn’t have done it. It was inappropriate,” Comey continued.

The same statement appeared in an excerpt from the book published earlier this week.

“Contributing to this problem, regrettably, was President Obama. He had jeopardized the Department of Justice’s credibility in the investigation by saying in a ’60 Minutes’ interview on Oct. 11, 2015 that Clinton’s email use was a ‘mistake’ that had not endangered national security,” Comey wrote in his memoir.

“To this day, I don’t know why he spoke about the case publicly and seemed to absolve her before a final determination was made,” Comey continues. “If the president had already decided the matter, an outside observer could reasonably wonder, how on earth could his Department of Justice do anything other than follow his lead.”

It seems that Comey really enjoys playing “pass the buck,” as he’s tried to pawn off the blame for his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal on various members of Obama’s administration instead of accepting full responsibility for the ordeal himself.

If Comey was hoping that his new book would help make him popular by bashing Trump he’s sorely mistaken. Many folks in the media, including a few on the left, agree that the former FBI head is coming across a little “shrill.”

However, seeing the left eat their own does carry a weird sort of satisfaction with it, so it’ll be interesting to see if Obama replies to Comey’s criticisms or not. He’s always been a vain fellow, so chances are he won’t let it go without some sort of retort.

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