China has made a complete fool of Joe Biden by flying a spy balloon from one end of the United States to the other and then telling the media with a straight face not to worry that the balloon flying over our long-range missile site in Montana was only a “meteorological” balloon.

Meanwhile, our “Aviator in Chief” was doubling down on stupidity when he was asked by the media about the spy balloon after it was finally shot down this afternoon over the Atlantic Ocean.

“I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down on Wednesday as soon as possible,” Biden told the fake news media. When asked by a reporter to explain why the Pentagon didn’t shoot the spy balloon down after the “President” allegedly told them to, Biden responded by explaining that the Pentagon rebuffed his request and decided to “wait for the safest place to do it.”

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Biden finished his brief encounter with the media by “complimenting” the “aviators” who shot down the spy balloon four days after he allegedly ordered it to be shot down.


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So, it’s Saturday, and it appears as though, according to Joe, the Pentagon decided instead of shooting the Chinese spy balloon down while it was over the mostly wide-open state of Wyoming, they waited until it crossed over much of the United States and was over the Atlantic Ocean before shooting it down, essentially giving Communist China an additional four days to travel across the United States.

Bill Melugin of Fox News tweeted that Bloomberg is reporting that the Biden admin was first aware the Chinese spy balloon entered U.S. airspace one week ago on 1/28 and had opted not to inform the American public about it until the Billings Gazette published a photo of the balloon on Thursday!

Chad Pergam complemented the Armed Svcs Committee Chair Rogers for their successful mission to take down the Chinese spy balloon but blasted the Biden regime for allowing it to remain in the sky since they found out about it on January 28th. Furthermore, they allowed it to travel across the United States for several days after Biden allegedly told them to shoot it down! Many Americans are left to wonder who, exactly, is in charge.

Pergram continued:

2) Rogers: The Biden administration reportedly learned of the CCP spy balloon on January 28th – nearly a week before residents in Montana spotted the balloon loitering over their state.
3) Rogers: It’s clear the Biden administration had hoped to hide this national security failure from Congress and the American people.
4) Rogers: Now, the White House must provide answers about why they decided to allow a CCP spy balloon to cross the United States and what damage to our national security occurred from this decision.

As concerns continue to mount over the presence of Chinese spy balloons in the United States, reports are emerging that the balloons have been a persistent problem both in the United States and across the world.

This week, it was revealed that spy balloons released by China are also flying over Latin America, just as it has been revealed that the United States government has been aware of similar issues for at least a year, if not longer.

The fact that the problem has existed for years begs the question of why the Biden administration was not prepared with a response when it was revealed that spy balloons were flying over the northern United States.

In a thread compiled by an independent reporter, multiple countries, including India and Japan, have reported the presence of Chinese spy balloons.

The United States has also been aware of the presence of such balloons in Hawaii for almost a year now.

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Similar high-altitude surveillance balloons and airships have previously been spotted over Hawaii, Japan, India, and the Phillipines.

The same type of reconnaissance balloon was spotted over Sendai, Japan, on June 17, 2020.

Japanese officials said:

“We have absolutely no idea what it is. It may be some kind of weather monitoring equipment, but it definitely isn’t ours.”

Japanese officials confirmed that the balloon was “equipped with a cross part hanging beneath it as well as two propellers,” but were unable to determine the purpose or owner of the balloon.

The same type of reconnaissance balloon was spotted over Port Blair, India, on Jan. 6, 2022.

Indian officials were unaware of its origins.

“Zoomed photograph showed some eight dark panel-shaped equipment/objects attached to the flying object.”

The Air Force scrambled F-22s to investigate the same type of reconnaissance balloon off the coast of Hawaii on Feb. 16, 2022.

An Air Canada flight spotted the balloon on approach to Honolulu.

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