John Barton Elliott was one of 25 anarchists arrested for a variety of crimes during an anti-Trump protest in Portland Oregon.

Elliott is pictured in the top row, second from left. The names of all 25 anarchists arrested by Portland Police are listed below.

Some of the crimes committed were more serious than others. Elliott’s crime was very serious and could have harmed a lot of people. Unfortunately, the justice system in Portland just sent a message to future anarchists that it’s okay to threaten the lives of police officers and do serious damage to public property with the ridiculous sentence they handed down to 27-year old anarchist, John Barton Elliott.

Oregon Live – A 27-year-old man who investigators said bashed in car windshields, shattered a window and an ATM at two Pearl District banks, then threw a burning flare into a Portland police car during anti-Trump and May Day protests was sentenced this week to three years of probation.

John Barton Elliott was caught on video in some of these acts on Nov. 10, 2016, two days after Donald Trump was elected president. The vandalism included joining others in swinging baseball bats or sticks at the cars at Broadway Toyota on the east end of the Broadway Bridge, shattering the window of Chase Bank and smashing an ATM screen at Umpqua Bank in the Pearl District, investigators said.

Police weren’t able to identify Elliott until May 1, 2017, when he showed up to May Day protests in downtown Portland and joined at least one other man in throwing lighted flares later found in the back of a heavily vandalized police SUV parked near Southwest 10th Avenue and Morrison Street.

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Here’s the video showing Elliott throwing the flare into the back of the Portland Police vehicle:

Elliott was arrested, and police used his distinctive eyeglasses and bike messenger bag to link him to the Nov. 10 crimes.

Elliott worked as a bike messenger, had attended four years of college and had no previous criminal history except for a misdemeanor shoplifting conviction in 2016.


*25 people (including three minors) were arrested and charged (mostly) with second-degree disorderly conduct. The three minors were arrested for riot, according to police, and released to their parents.

The 22 adults arrested are:

Ayden Michael Foster-Wysocki, 21
Madhab Pulle, 18
Tyler Hans Larsen, 37
Luis Marquez, 44
Grahme Meneses, 20
Jace Anthony Willis, 22
Corey Daniel Joe, 42 –– Assaulting a Police Officer
Brianna Borgen, 19
Rachel Visco, 34
Phoebe Loomis, 33
Michell Korin Myers, 19
Rylie Wolff, 22
Lucy Elizabeth Smith, 35
Glenn Allen Silbersdorff, 38
Christopher Fellini, 28
Frank Martinez, 24 –– Resist Arrest
Ian Lawrence Henderson, 28
Javier Ivan Reyes, 20
Dan Edward Wright, 34
Jeff Richard Singer, 29 –– Interfering with a Peace Officer
Taylor James Evans, 24 –– Interfering with a Peace Officer
John Barton Elliott, 26
*All were charged with second-degree disorderly conduct; some were charged with additional crimes.

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