Black lives matter…but only when white cops are responsible for their deaths. When blacks kill other blacks…not so much.  Kudos to the Fred L. Davis Insurance Company for telling the truth about who’s really doing the killing in black communities.

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That’s the statement on a billboard in Memphis, Tennessee. However, there’s more to it.

The full message reads: “Black lives matter. So let’s quit killing each other.” It’s a statement directed against black-on-black crime.

Normally, liberals take umbrage at the idea that somebody might evaluate problems caused within the black community by other blacks because it doesn’t suit the narrative. However, the author of this message has a background that will make it difficult for people to attack him like that.

Fred Davis is a civil rights activist who reportedly marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He’s also the man behind the message.

“We’re going to have to wake up,” Davis said. “We’re going to have to say to ourselves that black lives matter, and we’re going to have to refrain from killing each other out of our own frustration.”

“I can speak, not from reading a book about the history, because I was a part of the history,” he said. “I think that gives me a license as an experienced observer to push and to advocate to the black community – let’s stop it.”

Fred L. Davis is no stranger to controversy. Here is one of his previous billboards:

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