This is the same power plant Cuomo opposed because it was to close to NYC to be safe… Maybe his good friend, Barack Hussein Obama will grant him his wish…

One of the Indian Point nuclear power plants outside New York City was forced to shut down unexpectedly Saturday after a power loss to several control rods.

Entergy, which operates the Fitzpatrick nuclear plant in Oswego County, said control room operators shut down Indian Point’s unit 2 power plant around 5:30 p.m.

The operators observed that several control rods lost power. Entergy said that if power to control rods is lost, they are designed to automatically insert into the nuclear fuel core to safely shut down the reactor and power plant.

Entergy said it was investigating what had caused the loss of power to the control rods, but that everything had operated as designed and the plant safely shut down.

Unit 3 was not affected. Entergy said Unit 2 was online for 627 days before Saturday. The two Indian Point plants are about 25 miles north of New York City and generate about 2,000 megawatts of electricity a year for the city and Westchester County.

In a statement Gov. Andrew Cuomo said said he had directed the state Department of Public Service to “investigate and monitor the situation.” A team was heading to the plant Saturday.

Indian Point has featured prominently in Entergy’s fight with the state to close the money losing Fitzpatrick plant. The company announced last month that it planned to to lay off half of the 615 employees when the plant shuts down, sometime late next year or early in 2017.

Many observers, including Wall Street analysts, speculated that Entergy sought a compromise to settle the future of its profitable Indian Point nuclear station in Westchester County. Cuomo opposed Entergy’s application to extend the operating license, arguing that Indian Point is too close to New York City to be safe.


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