Joe Biden is a gaffe a minute these days, and Jill Biden knows it. Watch the video below where during a ceremony at the White House for teachers of the year, ‘Nurse’ Jill suddenly appears on the left side of the screen to tell Joe to stop trying to talk into the mic. He awkwardly looks up and then turns and walks away.

Another video below shows the moment Biden repeated a lie that he was involved in the civil rights movement. It’s one of many lies he tells during appearances and not one person calls him out on the blatant lie.

Video below of Joe being Joe:

Another look:

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Joe lives in his own little world. Lies are truth, and everything is seen through rose-colored Ray-Bans.

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At the same event, Joe repeated the lie that he was involved in the civil rights movement.

“I had gotten involved in the Civil Rights Movement.”

He was called out on the lie decades ago, but he brought out the tired lie to appeal to black voters in recent years.

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