Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden addressed a small crowd in the swing state of Pennsylvania this afternoon, where he appeared to be struggling once again, with cognitive decline. The lifetime politician who relies on the far-left for his talking points shared his plan to increase the minimum wage to “$15 million dollars.” As Biden realized his mistake, he quickly corrected himself, saying he really meant an increase in a national minimum wage to”$15 thousand” per hour. The confused Biden again realized he was speaking gibberish, laughed at himself, and told the crowd he must be dreaming, that he really meant a “$15 minimum wage.”

Notice the amount of “thumbs down” for Joe’s recorded rally on Fox Business.


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Yesterday, the Gateway Pundit reported on a small event where Biden spoke to a tiny group of people standing in social distancing circles during a campaign stop in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday.

At one point, Biden told people standing in social distancing circles to sit down, but they had no chairs.


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