Joe Biden angered leaders and Americans on both sides of the aisle Friday. After saying just weeks ago that he would not be going to meet with Mohammed Bin Salman, the world watched him pander to the Saudi Crown Prince Friday.  

Biden’s friendly behavior with a dictator known for human rights abuses, such as the murder of journalist Jamal Khashogg, did not go over well.

Khashoggi was a US resident and writer at the Washington Post who was heavily critical of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. He was murdered and dismembered in 2018 during a visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Turkish officials claim he was murdered by a Saudi team sent to Istanbul to kill him.

Slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s widow’s tweet was directed at Biden “Is this the accountability you promised for my murder?

Biden defended his meeting and fist bump, saying he talked with Mohammed Bin Salman about the actions against Khashogg “I said, very straightforwardly, for an American president to be silent on the issue of human rights is inconsistent with who we are and who I am,” he added “I’ll always stand up for our values.” According to The Hill.


Many Americans believe the US should be energy independent. Rep Donalds said Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia was a middle finger to the US States who should be allowed to produce oil in America.

Biden’s 7000 mile trek to beg the Saudi’s for oil as he shuts down American energy is unjustifiable.



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