The DC suburbs outpace even Silicon Valley as 9 of the 20 richest US counties are in the DC suburbs. Our government isn’t just too big; it’s also too rich. In light of what’s going on with the wasteful impeachment of President Trump, it would be a great idea to trim the fat in Washington, DC!

Loudoun County and Falls Church City, Virginia Have the highest median incomes in the nation!

According to the US Census Bureau, households earn an average of $140,000 and $137,500 per year.

In contrast, the average household in Silicon Valley earns $126,000 per year.

It’s hard to believe that nine of the twenty wealthiest counties in the US are located in the DC suburbs!

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The Daily Mail listed the wealthiest counties:

In light of the lack of production from the government, it might be a good time to stop the current budget increase of over three percent for federal workers.

Federal News Network reports:

Congress has agreed to a 3.1% federal pay raise for civilian employees next year as part of a broader spending deal that would fund federal agencies for the rest of fiscal 2020. It would also avert what could have been the second holiday-season government shutdown in as many years.

Congressional appropriators said the deal includes a 2.6% across-the-board increase in base pay with an additional 0.5% in locality adjustments, for a total average of 3.1%. If passed into law, raises would go into effect on the first applicable pay period of the new year.

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