Every year Democrats and Republicans compete in a baseball game to raise money for charity.
Thursday, the congress met for their 87th annual game, with proceeds being donated to the Boys and Girls Club of DC.
In the sixth inning, California Democrat Rep. Sanchez walked past the Republican dugout and flipped off her colleagues. The Democrats were down by five but lost by 10-0.
Her shenanigan was caught on film.

Social media responded as the video footage went viral.

Benny Johnson called her actions a perfect representation of the modern left.

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A Free Speech Zone said it was a good representation of how the Democrats have treated Americans with their open border policies and pushing the green new deal.

Is it a show of what’s to come in the November midterm elections?
Democrats were shut out, unable to score, while Republicans won in a landslide.

Many shared their thoughts on Nancy Pelosi leading the Democrats to a total loss. One Twitter user pointed out, “Liars and thieves always lose in the end.”

While Sanchez’s behavior was undoubtedly classless, it was mild compared to the assault the Republicans suffered during the congressional baseball game of 2017.
A lone gunman attacked the Republican lawmakers and injured several, including Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise. Scalise remembered the surreal event saying, “We didn’t let it stop us then & nothing will stop us now.”

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