The shooter at the Congressional baseball practice has been identified. His name is James Hodgkinson…The 66-year old white male from Illinois is a Bernie Sanders supporter. His Facebook and Twitter accounts are full of anti-Trump/pro-Bernie Sanders posts and pictures:

UPDATE: PRESIDENT TRUMP just announced that Hodgkinson has died from his injuries. 

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His Facebook page and Twitter have been inundated with angry conservatives who are so sick of the vile and hateful rhetoric from the left. He’s a huge leftist who clearly hastes President Trump calling him a “traitor” on Facebook:

This man clearly represents Trump Derangement Syndrome…The left is still so angry that Trump was elected. It’s sick and twisted!

From the shooter’s Facebook page:

We just reported last weekend on protests across the country that got violent and even saw Antifa attacking a police horse with a weapon:

The violence on social media and on the streets must stop. Conservatives have been attacked starting with the Trump campaign rallies and are still being attacked. Supporters of our president are even afraid to wear hats or t-shirts with his slogans. Anyone who wears a Trump item could be a target of violence.

Leaders of the Democrat party need to stop with the hateful rhetoric NOW! Tom Perez…WE’RE TALKING TO YOU!

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