Here we go again! The slow walk of information continues with the intel agencies who don’t want the truth to be revealed. Rep. DeSantis explained to Sean Hannity that there are gaps in the newly released texts:

“Well Sean I think this is an incomplete production. I mean we know their texting habits. How often there were texting in other periods. This is the period, December 2016 all they way up to the firing of James Comey and then the appointment of Robert Mueller to the Special Counsel. Yet, there’s only 40-some pages there.”


REP. RON DESANTIS (R-FL), HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: Sean, this is in complete production. We know their texting habits, of how often they were texting in other periods. And so, this is the period, December of 2016 during the Trump transition, all the way up until the firing of James Comey and then the appointment of Robert Mueller is a special counsel. If there is only 40 some pages they are, there is gaps, some of the stuff is incomplete.

So I don’t think this is a full production. I think there is more questions that this raises and we are going to have to go back to the Justice Department and ask them why they weren’t able to recover the full Strzok-Page text messages.

HANNITY: Congressman, I have multiple sources telling me tonight that they suspect that there were other devices used as well. Did you get that? Is that your interpretation looking at this?

DESANTIS: Yes. We also have something to believe that they were using the clean Gmail, which is everyone has access to the account and you just do messages in the drafts and then respond to drafts so you’re not actually sending emails. So, yes, there’s a lot of things that they do, using iMessage. So, we’ve got to get all of that that we can get for sure. But this is not it.

I mean, Sean, you’ve documented, these are lovebirds, they had this hatred for the president, they were very quick to put their opinions about everything that was going on and yet here, you know, you’ll just see gap after gap. So, I’m not satisfied.

HANNITY: OK. I want to — I want to go to the issue, how is it possible Peter Strzok is in the middle of all this? He interviewed General Flynn, apparently didn’t think he was lying, how to take a charge? Also interviewed Hillary Clinton. But that was in July of 2016.

It was early May of 2016 where it was Strzok and Comey himself writing in exoneration that actually used the standard, the legal standard that means Hillary would have broken the law. They changed the wording to take that part out, and the original drafting also had in that multiple foreign intelligence agencies had hacked into Hillary Clinton’s email server and that means top-secret, classified special access programming information was in fact obtained by America’s enemies and none of it would have been redacted, sir.

DESANTIS: So, if you were somebody who was on Hillary’s campaign team at the time and you could suggest changes to be made to that statement, you would have suggested exactly the changes that Peter Strzok insisted on, to try to reduce Hillary’s level of recklessness and her culpability. And so, he was involved in the thick of that case.

And here’s I think why it’s so troubling with Strzok’s conduct, what does he do after Comey exonerates Hillary? A couple weeks later, he opens up a collusion case against the Trump campaign based off what we now know was a two-page document with no actual intelligence and then, eventually, they supplemented with a fake dossier paid for by the Democrats. But Strzok was the prime driver, not only behind exonerating Hillary, but then pursuing this collusion fairy tale and that ultimately led to the appointment of Mueller.

HANNITY: Unbelievable. Congressman, we are not going to let up. This is — there are apparently 50,000 of them, and apparently, 1.2 million pages of the inspector general has that Congress needs to get and I am just urging Congress, if they don’t hand them over soon, you must hold these people in contempt and worse.

DESANTIS: Without question.

HANNITY: All right. Congressman, thank you.

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