“Heads are gonna roll…and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it…”

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appeared with Martha MacCallum in a stunning interview, to discuss tomorrow’s release of the House Intelligence FISA Memo.

Martha MacCallum asked Rep. Gaetz about comments that were made by Democrat Representative Adam Schiff about the FISA memo. MacCallum told Gaetz that Schiff has been cautioning the public that the “material changes” have been made to the FISA memo and that he’s “suggesting that things were slipped into it that they were not aware of.” MacCallum asked, “Is that true?”  After he chuckled a bit, Gaetz responded by telling MacCallum, “Absolutely not. I’ve reviewed the version of the memo that was voted on by the House Intelligence Committee, and the version that was sent to the White House, and you could about hold both of them up to a lamp, and they would look identical. The changes were grammatical in nature, there was a syntax change, but absolutely nothing was added to this memo that would alter its complexion, its content, or that would change the context.” 

Gaetz made clear that former FBI director James Comey was about to be exposed after the memo was released to the public, telling MacCallum: “I would remind Director Comey that I don’t know that too many schools or streets are gonna be named after him once this memo is into the public square.” 



Representative Matt Gaetz also met with Neil Cavuto today to discuss the release of the FISA memo, as a way to shine the light on corruption in the intelligence committee.

“The FBI does not come out smelling like a rose here…”

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