The Maui fires have devastated the community as the latest reports indicate the death toll nears 100 victims.

However, the true extent of the death and destruction remains unknown due to the dishonest mainstream media.

According to WLTReport, the official story parroted on the news and The Weather Channel is “that a hurricane in the area created high winds, and that very dry conditions sparked a fire, and then the high winds spread the fire.”

However, many people are skeptical of the mainstream narrative and fear something more nefarious is at play.


Direct Energy Weapon (DEW)?

Those are the leading ‘conspiracy theories’ at the moment.

But can we call them conspiracy theories at this point?

So many ‘theories’ have turned out to be true that we should call them ‘conspiracy facts.’

Stew Peters asked several questions that go against the ‘climate change’ narrative played on repeat by politicians and the mainstream media.

What could be motives behind a diabolical plot to destroy Maui?

Perhaps a looney climate change activist purposely sparking a blaze to convince the public of the mainstream agenda?

Another theory is an elitist land grab to snatch properties owned by locals for decades.

If they won’t sell the land, we’ll burn it to the ground and force them away.

Is that what’s going on?

We don’t know.

However, some social media users discussed the theory in these videos:


What do you think?


Everything about the mainstream narrative is off, so I wouldn’t rule out anything.

Another ‘coincidence’ has revealed itself since the devastating fires started on the island.

Reports indicate that Maui Police Chief John Pelletier was the incident commander in Las Vegas during the horrific 2017 mass shooting.

Honolulu Civil Beat reported John Pelletier’s arrival to Maui in 2021.

“Maui has always been a special place for John Pelletier, a captain in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department,” the outlet wrote.

Per Honolulu Civil Beat:

Pelletier, his wife and twin teenagers already are packing up and moving their lives from Las Vegas to Maui.

Pelletier is leaving behind a 22-year career with the department that’s seen him rise through the ranks to manage stations ranging from the far-flung, rural regions of the city’s northwest sector to the urban core and the gambling capital known as the Las Vegas Strip.

Along the way, Pelletier has helped to set up community policing programs, with one in particular helping to revitalize one of the city’s most violent neighborhoods. He wants to import those successful programs to Maui as well as revamp oversight of use of force incidents in Maui County.

He’s seen his share of violence, having shot at three suspects and killed one of them, according to reports from Las Vegas media. In 2017, Pelletier was the incident commander for a mass shooting at a country music festival that left 58 people dead. The gunman also killed himself before he could be apprehended by officers. Las Vegas police added two more people who died of their injuries to the death toll in October 2020, bringing it to 60.

Our friends at The Gateway Pundit noted the alarming red flags about this revelation:

As Gateway Pundit readers know, Stephen Paddock murdered 60 people from his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. But local authorities and the FBI never gave the public answers regarding why he shot these innocent people, raising questions regarding a cover-up.

Local authorities also completely botched the crime scene investigation. Authorities also changed the timeline multiple times.

The FBI also decided to push a BS theory earlier this year that Paddock was upset over how casinos treated him which almost no one bought.

This disturbing revelation regarding Pelletier is certainly alarming conservatives, who question whether this a coincidence.

After Pelletier’s handling of the deadliest mass shooting in American history, should we expect answers for the Maui fires?

Most likely not!

Social media users raised their concerns about this ‘coincidence.’

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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