Oskar Eustis, artistic director of the Public Theater and director of the “Julius Caesar” (or more commonly referred to as the “Trump Assassination”) production in Central Park is saddened that the publicly funded NEA has been compelled to distance themselves from the live assassination of our current president in Central Park.
Oskar Eustis pictured with Chelsea Clinton

The Washington Post [Compost] reports:

“So far, three major corporate sponsors and the NEA have felt it necessary to distance themselves from the show,” Eustis said in an interview Thursday. “And I feel just heartsick for the NEA. That they’re forced to distance themselves from a work of art — oh, my God.”

Eustis was referring to the statement the National Endowment for the Arts issued Monday, after the Public’s production of Shakespeare’s storied play came under attack from ultraconservative websites and even from one of the sons of President Trump, who questioned whether it was taxpayer-supported. They targeted the production because of the obvious references it draws to the current president and the depiction in the play of the assassination of its Caesar-as-Trump figure, played by Gregg Henry.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a message asking if the assassination of his father should be funded by taxpayers:

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“No NEA funds have been awarded to support this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park production of ‘Julius Caesar’ and there are no NEA funds supporting the New York State Council on the Arts’s grant to Public Theater or its performances,” the NEA declared, in what struck many in the arts world as an extraordinary act of disavowal. It came as two high-profile corporate supporters of Shakespeare in the Park, Delta Air Lines and Bank of America, withdrew financial backing, and a third, American Express, said that its contributions go exclusively to the Public’s main theater in downtown Manhattan and it did not condone the interpretation staged in Central Park.

Instead of recognizing that the theater group had crossed a line that should not have been crossed, Eustis is willing to take a loss at the box office in order to keep the assassination of President Trump on stage in front of thousands of families in Central Park: 

As for the Public’s future in this climate, Eustis said, “This is damaging for us and we definitely lost money, and nobody likes losing money. But we will survive it.”

Conservative activist and author of Guerrilla Mindset Mike Chernovich is calling on Americans to join him in disrupting the assassination of President Trump play, aka “Julius Caesar” in Central Park. 

Here is the link to get FREE tickets to the performance. Click HERE to see a video about how to get FREE tickets.


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These Twitter users suggest skipping the ticket process and instead use the same techniques as leftist agitators, like whistles and drums or bongos and cowbells to disrupt the production:


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