Yesterday, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, bragged about using his executive order power to give 36,000 felons (who overwhelming support Democrats) the right to vote in the state of New York. His announcement comes only two weeks after the New York state legislature voted down the measure. The arrogant, progressive governor announced that he’s “unwilling to take ‘no’ for an answer” and that he completely ignored the votes of the state legislature and is giving parolees the right to vote anyhow.


Today, conservative actor, James Woods reminded everyone of what a disgusting panderer Andrew Cuomo really is. Woods reached back into the archives and posted a video from January, 2017, showing the social justice warrior and attention seeking jackass governor, telling New Yorker’s that he is more than just a rich, privileged white man who grew up in a Democrat dynasty of politicians, he’s also a Muslim, Jew, he’s Black, he’s gay, and he’s “a woman seeking to control her body.”

As usual, the silver-tongued conservative destroyed Cuomo, with not just one, but three separate tweets:

Woods tweeted: “You forgot ‘political hack.'”

Woods then pointed out the idiocy of white guy Andrew Cuomo, asking: “As usual white guys didn’t make the cut?”

Woods then reminded Cuomo he forgot to mention that he was, “of course” a “douche bag”…

Twitter user “Shaughn” told Cuomo he noticed Cuomo didn’t mention that he’s a #Christian, and that he’s “not surprised.”

The Gay Trumpocrat leveled a verbal hand-grenade at Cuomo: “You are none of those things. You’re a rich white elite who has never had to struggle with paying bills, wondering if you can feed your children, risking your life to protect the country that has afforded you all you have been given or put Americans above your fellow elites.” 

“DiMer” told Cuomo he is “actually an idiot.”

Jeannie Valentine O’Neil blasted Cuomo for his pandering comments, telling him: “You do NOT speak for me! I was there on Sept 11. I saw complacency. I saw nievete. I saw hate. I want protection for NYers.” 

From “Pandering Politician” to “Dumbass” and “assclown…Cuomo got plenty of reminders of what he voters thought he forgot to include:

This Twitter user wished Cuomo “good luck” with his “gay Muslim” declaration.

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