Larry Schweikart is NYT’s #1 bestselling author. His analysis on the current FBI and DOJ scandals are outlined below in a series of fascinating tweets. Schwiekart begins his thread with a link to an article by the brilliant journalist (a dying breed), Sheryl Attkinson, that addresses how the walls are beginning to close in on the FBI.  In a message to his followers, Schweikart admits his reluctance to have to dissect Attkinson’s article in a series of tweets or a “thread”. Schweikart tweets: “The last thing I wanted to do this morning was a thread, but alas, the situation requires it.”

Before we get started with the NY Times bestselling author, Larry Schweikart’s incredible analysis of the FBI and DOJ scandals, here’s a cheat sheet of nicknames used by Schweikart that will help to identify the players in his tweets:

Please read through to the bottom of this thread to get a very interesting perspective on the massive scandals that are blowing up inside our intelligence agencies.

And there it is, Obama’s crooked FBI and DOJ all wrapped up in 20 very interesting tweets.

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