Mocking a liberal snowflake is never a good idea..CNN severed ties with Jeffrey Lord on Thursday, hours after he ignited controversy by tweeting the words “Sieg Heil!” at a prominent liberal activist.

A CNN spokesman said: “Nazi salutes are indefensible. Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network.”

The problem is that Lord was responding to the Stazi tactics of the speech police known as Media Matters. Lord said his tweet was misunderstood. He said he was mocking fascists, not acting like one.

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“I love CNN, but I feel they are caving to bullies here,” he said in a telephone interview shortly after the network’s decision was announced.

Lord said his contract was set to expire at the end of the year. He said he greatly respected CNN management despite disagreeing with the decision.

We’re guessing the liberal is unable to tell the difference between  a mocking gesture and a serious one…


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