Yesterday, conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams posted a hilarious video of a transgender person throwing a temper tantrum inside a store because a clerk referred to him and his friend as “you guys.” Williams has mastered the art of mocking liberals who’ve been caught in an embarrassing situation, while he appears on the right side of a split screen, either eating popcorn or enjoying a beverage through a straw. What makes the conservative comedian’s videos so funny, is his contagious laugh and hilarious commentary.

In the video Williams posted to his Twitter account yesterday, (see below), a very masculine man/woman, who also happens to have a very deep voice, can be heard berating and threatening the young clerk behind the counter for “misgendering” him. An elderly woman who happens to be waiting behind the counter next to the transgender, bravely warns him that if he doesn’t settle down, she will call the police. Her admonition of the man/woman only seems to enrage him as he becomes even more agitated, threatening the clerk to a fight outside of the store. He/ screams, “Motherf**ker! Take it outside! If you wanna take it outside, I will show you a ‘sir!'” He/she then kicks something over in the store and threatens to “call corporate” for “misgendering him several times in the store.” Before he/she leaves, he threatens to tell the entire LGBT community about the misgendering incident.

Williams watches the entire incident unfold, laughs hysterically and then tells “Trevor” that he is a “male.” Williams mocks his deep voice and tells the transgender that he sounds like “Godzilla!”

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The best comment under Williams’ video was the one from “SuperFanWorld” who mocked the transgender’s threat to “call corporate.”

SuperFanWorld responded: Calls corporate they answer .. Hello Sir !.. How can help you? ????

The gay mafia came out in full force against the conservative comedian, threatening to end his career if he didn’t delete his video and apologize for laughing.

Here’s how Williams responded:

The Transgender community is threatening to end my career if I don’t delete this video or apologize for laughing.

I have nothing against transgenders, I laugh at everyone. I’m not giving transgenders special treatment.


FINALLY…a conservative comedian who’s refusing to be bullied by the left!

Every single night of the week, late night show hosts/”comedians” ruthlessly attack our President, his family and his administration, but watch what happens when a conservative comedian steps outside of the boundary lines drawn by the PC police on the left.

What do you think? Should Americans be forced to address men who dress like woman as “ma’am?” or should it be up to the person addressing the person dressing as a woman to decide? Please comment below, and let us know what you think.

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