“The Olympics were created to unite nations, it’s not for you to make it all about yourself. Sick of this mentality pushed by the democrat party that regardless of the opportunities you are given, if your skin color is anything other than white, you are oppressed. Get a grip.”

Conservative commentator Alexandra Lains weighs in on Gwen Berry, the ungrateful Hammer Thrower who disrespected the country our anthem, and our flag at the Olympic trials last week in Eugene, OR. Last week when it happened, we reported it here.

On her Twitter bio, Ms. Lains describes herself this way: “Christian. Commentator. Military Spouse. 2nd generation Immigrant. RSBN Contributor. Everyone’s favorite verbal sniper.” She also adds “God Bless America”. She should really think about inserting the term Rock Star into her description.

Disgusted with the ungrateful, and embarrassing way Ms. Berry disrespected America, Alexandra Lains came out swinging, referring to Berry as a “3rdplace loser”. Berry, who self-identifies as a victim of racial oppression, turned her back when the national anthem was being played, because incredulously, she “felt like it was a set-up, and they did it on purpose.” Typical liberal victim, where everything that takes place is viewed in how it affects them personally.



“Imagine thinking you are that special that the anthem would be played just to get at you. It’s played to show gratitude for the country that is making your Olympic dream possible”.



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